Time for the newest segment of Five Feet of Something - The Pam Files, venture in and we'll take a "peak" into my box. I love the i95 listeners! So many of them "listen live" from the i95rock.com website and use our free RadioPup app too.

One of our fans is Tricia Reid and she listens up in Alberta, Canada! She mailed me a box of something, let's take a look at what's inside:


The carbon footprint on this thing was wild though. The box left Alberta, Canada on April 28.

Cleared customs and left Vancouver, Canada on the April 29. Went through customs in San Francisco on May 1. Hit Springfield, Massachusetts on May 6, Winstead, Connecticut on May 7 and arrived in Hartford, Connecticut on May 7.

Then the BOX went BACK to Springfield May 7, BACK to Winstead May 8 and out to Avon May 11. BACK to Winstead May 12 and ... you guessed it BACK to Springfield on May 13.

The BOX arrived on May 14! Tricia and I dubbed it "Where's Waldo"

Hey, let's make it a "thing"... I'd love to open my BOX ... from You.

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