Recently, someone on the CT Reddit page posed a very intriguing question.

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It was posted by u/badbreath303 on Thursday (4/27/23) and read: "What’s Connecticut’s No.1 tourist attraction for people from other states?" The answers came flooding in and when it was all over I was amused and sad. Here are some of my favorites.

Ok_Huckleberry6820 - Casinos or Mystic Seaport.

MyNoPornProfile - The 3 signs that say: "Welcome to New York" "Welcome to Massachusetts" "Welcome to Rhode Island"

IndicationOver - Casino & Pizza

TheMoosebox - Combine the two and you get a Chucky Cheese.

youlikadapasta - Coastal Connecticut in general. A lot of out-of-state folk always comment on how nice our shoreline towns are. Having lived in several states and now returning to Connecticut, I absolutely have a better appreciation for our shoreline.

Yello1234567890 - It's gotta be the Electric Blue Cafe in Connecticut off 84

Max1035 - Trip advisor puts Mystic Seaport at #1. I think that’s pretty accurate, especially if you count Mystic as a whole as a tourist destination. Yale is probably a solid runner-up. Certainly one of the benefits is the proximity to other states. When I have family visit, we can spend time in CT but also hit up Rhode Island beaches or NYC for a day trip.

jmazzera53 - Left hand highway exits

TriStateGirl - Mystic Aquarium and Seaport, Foxwoods Casino, Mohegan Sun Casino, New Haven. Yale, and Pepe's Pizza, UCONN, Hartford. Bushnell Park, the Riverfront, a soccer or baseball game, and maybe some live theater. Greenwich & The Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport.

PoisonIvyItch - Charles Island and silver sands is pretty to walk. High Rock in New Haven gives you that make out mountain kind of feel of overlooking a major city. If you love abandoned factories from a time long ago we have plenty of them. We have breweries in every town. That's what comes to mind. Yale area in general is hogsworty.

Prestigious_Series28 - Brass Mill Mall, Waterbury.

pondusedtobeupthere - Highways that lead north AND south AND east AND west.

ladybugspaceship - Stew Leonard’s

Pretty_Marsh - This thread is sad. I think the perfect metaphor for Connecticut is that the highest point in the state is on the slope of a mountain whose peak is in Massachusetts. It is a perfectly fine state, but forever in the shadow of its neighbors.

Top 3 Comments:

  • Brass Mill Mall
  • Electric Blue Cafe
  • Left Exits

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