23 million Americans are taking care of elderly parents whether they're in a senior living facility or living in your home. But, unfortunately, when you've decided to move your Bubbe (Yiddish) into a spare room in the house, several things can go horribly wrong within a short period of time.

According to nhregister.com, the CT State Senate recently passed a bill that would allow owners of single-family homes to convert a section of that home into "accessory units" without special permission from local officials. This bill would also include standalone "modular structures like a tiny house.

Keep this in mind, if you're moving Grammy in, and you have small children, expect her to become involved in the discipline of the children on a day-to-day basis as in, there will be NO discipline. Instead, there will be a wide variety of treats, such as cookies, candy, and junk food because that's what Memaw's do with their grandkids.

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If I may, let me offer a compromise. Rather than inviting grandma to come live with you, you might want to consider a Granny Pod, which is, according to danburyseniors.org, a temporary structure or accessory unit.  

These units, tiny houses, guest houses, or whatever you choose to call them are detached from your home but remain on the property so you're able to keep a watchful eye out for aged parents. Check out this laid-back dude talking about granny pods.

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