Watching a 'jumping worm' is like watching a nightcrawler on steroids. It almost looks like a snake in a bad horror movie. If you have a garden or beautiful shrubbery planted in front of your home, that's where the absolute nightmare begins. These destructive creepy crawlers can DESTROY your topsoil by turning it into what looks like coffee grounds. But they are not dangerous to humans.

According to an article in the Hartford Courant, Asian jumping worms can grow up to eight inches lon, and to show off, they can climb up two-story buildings. If you attempt to pick them up, they will whip and thrash in your hand. When threatened, they can resort to breaking off a segment of their tail to escape. These are nasty little buggers! Let's go take a look.

Beware of Creepy Crawly Asian Jumping Worms...

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