I can honestly say that since the pandemic began in 2020, I've tried every cuisine that Connecticut has to offer. We've eaten at Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Brazilian, Jamaican, BBQ, seafood, burger, fried chicken, and chain restaurant there is. I've grown sick of them all.

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Not sick, but bored? Do you feel the same way lately? The pandemic took out quite a few of my favorites, and our choices have been further narrowed by this devastating inflation. My God, the pizza places, they seem to have thrived. I'm so sick of pizza lately, and what it does to my A1C. Can another micro-brewery not open up? Every town in Connecticut seems to have its own local brewery now.

We're so lucky here to be in the shadows of New York City, Boston, and Providence. The international cuisine choices flow into Connecticut, something new is always on the horizon.

What do we do until they get here? Continue to patronize the places that have shown consistency and dedication, that haven't let short-staffing and rising food costs compromise the integrity of what they serve.

The warriors, the down and dirty, meat and potatoes guys. That's who I never get sick of. Serving up piles of quinoa and kale, making a few bucks and closing up shop. For me, I never get sick of burger and hot dog joints.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

Mrs. Large and I have debated on what to get for dinner for more than 15 minutes a lot lately. So sick of pizza, Chinese, Mexican, BBQ. I can't eat them every night. Our go-to was Frankie's. Seafood? Burgers? Dogs? Wings? Yep, these places have them all. Denmo's in Southbury, JJ Stacks in Brookfield, and Frankie's. I never get sick of local burger & hot dog joints and drive-ins.

How about you?

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