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Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 was a historic day in the Nutmeg State. It was the first day residents could legally buy recreational marijuana products in the state's history. The first day, and there were people complaining already.

I was about to close my laptop and head home when I figured I should take one more look to see what CT residents are buzzing about. I opened the Connecticut Reddit group and like a frying pan to the face, there it was. At 11 am, a Reddit user that goes by SczechuanChicken wrote:

"Just looked at the menus of a few of the dispensaries open recreationally in CT, these prices are kind of insane. 50 minimum for an eighth and 100 for a 1 gram cart. Even though the prices are high, I am honestly happy that CT is progressing towards some change and hopefully by the end of the year, the prices are lower. However, I do find it concerning that there's only 4 companies who actually produce the products, unlike many dispensaries in other states that grow their own weed. That kinda threw me off haha." 

We were off the races from there, some folks took the time to explain the concept of supply and demand, others agreed with the price critique and one ray of light said what I was thinking, saying:

"These comments are pathetic.. all these years begging for shops to open and everyone sounding like some weed Karens when you KNEW s-- would be expensive at first." 

That comment came from ruffdaddysmooth, naturally. If an alien asked me to explain to CT to them, I'd show them this Reddit thread. This is Connecticut to a T. There is nothing in this state that doesn't result in complaints. If Connecticut had a actual suggestion box, the box would be full 100% of the time.

I did see a lot of people talking about "my guy." Everyone has "a guy" so I have to wonder, will he survive this?

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Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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