I didn't even know that Mets royalty lived in Ridgefield, but that is the case.

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According to NSMA, Gary Cohen is the play-by-play announcer for the New York Mets and he's so well respected, he's been named the Sportscaster of the Year. The distinction comes from the National Sports Media Association (NSMA).

Hamlet Hub says this is the second time Cohen won the award, with the first coming back in 2012. Once every ten years is not bad by baseball standards, or any other for that matter. Previous winners include Ian Eagle, Bruce Beck and Mike Breen.

Now that I know Cohen lives in the Greater Danbury area, I can begin my hunt for him. I don't mean like a cammo jacket, deer-urine hunt, I need to track him down and convince him to do a weekly segment on my show during baseball season. I think he'd make a great addition to the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show for weekly updates on the Mets.

Look, I'm a lifelong Yankee fan, but I believe the Mets broadcasters (TV & Radio) are some of the best in the industry. I have massive respect for what they do. On the radio, you have to paint a mental image for the listener that makes them feel as if they're watching the game. On the TV side, you have the challenge of filling giant gaps of time and slow play. What play-by-play and color analysts do is very difficult, particularly with baseball.

If you know Gary Cohen or ARE Gary Cohen, tell Gary Cohen we are looking for him. We spoke about this on the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show on Wednesday (1/11/23), listen below.

That segment had to be edited down to include only the baseball/tongue discussion. At some point we got off on a dirt-road in the discussion and while it was hilarious, it needed to come out. If you want to hear that full segment tune into Saturday Morning Cartoons this week (1/14/23) on 95.1 FM. You can also listen to our entire show music and commercial free on-demand. Check out the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave podcast on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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