For me I would have to say snakes. I'm not crazy scared of them. I grew up around snakes. My grandpa owned a bunch of them and I was playing with them when I was seven. With all that said I still don't like or trust them. Just look at them. Would you look?

What I find particularly scary about snakes is that they are all different. They have different kill methods, attitudes and behaviors. The  Tiger snake, the Black mamba the Cobra and the Burmese python are all lethal and all different. Scientists say the King Cobra can kill 20 people in a matter of seconds. Now is that necessary?

And what is the deal with anti venom? It can cost as much as 500,000 dollars for some anti-venom that can save your life and I'm pretty sure it's not covered under my current plan. The crazy thing is you have to know what kind of snake bit you so you can tell the doctors and they can get the correct anti-venom. What the hell are the chances of you knowing what kind of snake bit you?

What about bears? I mean those guys are unpredictable. They let some people live who play dead and others they slaughter like you read about. Some people they let fight back and allow them to live, others they tear to pieces. I mean make up your mind so we can establish a friggin' game plan.

What predator are you the LEAST cool with?

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