The Hat City On Tap craft beer festival is going to be a down home good time this coming Saturday, October 12. We are talking craft beers, live rock n' roll, beer challenges, flannel and beards.

This means that there are some things I am not going to want to hear or see while there. If you say or do these things, I will personally throw you out:

  • "Do you have cucumber water?" You will be bounced for mentioning anything to do with vegetables. Do not mention veggies, vegan diets or vegetable infused beverages.
  • "Wait, do that again, I wanna Tik-Tok this." You ask to Tik-Tok, you get caught tik-tokking and I come knocking.
  • "Do they have Truly?" or "Do they have White Claw?" Either one of those, and I show you to the exit. I do love spiked seltzers, but this neither the place or time. We need to get back to putting things in their place, and Hat City on Tap is not the place for these questions.
  • "Lou, where's my radio station t-shirt?" Don't ask, they don't give me access to the prize closet anymore.
  • Finally, trying to show me anything on your phone will get you tossed. Whether it's a picture of your cat, your kid or a break dancing dwarf, don't do it. I'm not standing there while you awkwardly fumble through your camera roll. Even if you find it right away, if it's not already in my camera, I probably will have to fake laugh my way out of this. This is not a day for fake laughs. no we will be having hearty, authentic laughs.

Those are the only rules I have, the rest is anarchy, we will get wet and wild and have a throw down a hoe down and get low down.

Haty City on Tap is this Saturday (Oct 12) at the Danbury Arena. Event starts at 4 pm, unless you get the VIP upgrade, in that case you start at 3 pm. Over 100 beers to sample from 50 great breweries, live music from Decade, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and the Danbury Hat Tricks Hockey Team in attendance.

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