Ethan and I are jazzed up for Hat City on Tap set for Saturday, October 12 at the Danbury Arena. You may already know that you will be able to sample 100 craft brews that day, and you already know 50 breweries will be in attendance, but there is more, as eloquently explained in this video by my morning show parter and I:

"Lit up like a Christmas Tree?" Yeah, I said that. As long as I do what I am told, I can get a little toasty. I mean, just attempting to sample 35 beers #35beerchallenge is gonna set you flying. You are welcome to join us, we will stand in a circle and shout, "chug, chug, chug!"

If that's not enough fun for you, think of the meet and greet opportunities. You got Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, always down for a photo op, that's sure to set your Instagram ablaze for the day. You'll meet the new hockey team, the Danbury Hat Tricks and CT Beach Mom will be in the house.

You are not doing anything cool and Saturday, October 12 and you know it. So, run don't walk to get your tickets now, actually, you don't have to go anywhere. Get em here, get em now.

"Jazzed up?" Oh yeah, I said it, I'm DJ Jazzy Jeff that day. 

"Burn the building to the ground?" I take that one back. 

Here's what happened the last time we tried the Hat City On Tap Challenge:

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