The boss, the head cheese, the honcho, your employer, whatever you call them, they can get weird on you. Nowadays, most bosses are and have to be professional. Most would not ask something strange of you. They really cannot stay employed or in business themselves if they do.

That is not to say it has not happened or does not go on now. You can be called into a closed door meeting and be asked to spy on someone else, do their laundry or even cover a mistake.

I would have to say for most of my adult life I have had professional, hard working bosses who get it. There was one boss though that had me scratching my head twice a week. This person, who will remain nameless used to have me do "pick ups." I was simply going out to get inventory for their store. This was a specialty business and I was picking up this inventory from another "specialty business." I would have to make this trip once a week. It was every Friday in fact.

This person on that day would do the same thing every time. They would sit me down across from their desk, insist I smoke a joint with them, they would then hand me a large amount of cash, more weed and the keys to their car and send me on my way. The large amount of cash was WAY too much for what I was buying. The cash given to me was never the same amount. I was never asked for a receipt or change. The money was not tracked at all. I was not asked to be back at a certain time from this chore. I would leave with a lot of money and drugs and come back whenever I wanted with a small amount of inventory.

This was all strange to me but I was 17 years old and living the dream. I can tell you that for a short time in my teens I walked around with more money in my pocket than most adults. Sadly, I spent it faster than it came in. I worked there for only about a year, the business did not last long. I miss it everyday.

Being asked to smoke weed and take someone's money was the strangest request I ever got from a boss. What, for you,  is the strangest thing your employer, past or present has asked you to do?

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