I got to thinking about this recently because I am all the sudden hooked on the new NBC game show "The Wall." This is a game where giant rubber balls fall down a huge wall and fall into different dollar amounts. That is as simple as I can make this, it is actually quite complicated to explain. The way the game is structured there are more than just a few twists and turns. Chef definitely recommends. Unfortunately, the shows executive producer is Lebron James but I can overlook that because it is very interesting.

What are some of the best of all time? Right away I think "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" Deal or no Deal" and "The Price is Right." When you consider the best of all time though, you have to think of longevity and relevance.

I think no game show can touch Jeopardy if that is the criteria. Every year, there it is, in your living room. Great questions, not too hard, not too easy, just right. . Plus the game was the topic of maybe the greatest SNL skit of all time.

The only problem in my eyes is the host. Alex Trebek thinks he is so smart. Dude, you have the answers to the questions right there in front of you on the cards. He also over pronounces every foreign word. I'd like to see him play the game with no answers in front of him

What is your favorite game show?

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