Stand-up comic Rich Vos is set to grace the stage at the Comix Roadhouse in Mohegan Sun from May 2nd to 4th. Before this upcoming gig, Rich joined us as a guest for an interview on the Tuesday (4/20/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show.

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However, things didn't start off smoothly. I sent Rich an mp3 copy of the weekend promo we ran to announce our interview with him. We used a clip of Rich's comedy...from over 20 years ago.

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Lou: We're joined by stand-up comedian Rich Vos, hey Rich! 

Vos: "Lou, you know I'm gonna bring this up. How could you play a clip of me from 25 years ago?"

Lou: So let me set the stage, I ran a promo over the weekend to let the listeners know that Rich was coming on and I used an old clip of his, of his stand-up that was very old but I had it in HD sound and it was an appropriate clip to play all weekend. I sent him the promo and he did not like it.

Vos: "What that is, is you being lazy because one I have a million things, I have a new special on Youtube that is most likely in the sound you need. You could have text me and said I need a clip and I would have called my guy and sent it to you. No, you took the first thing you saw, or had or listened to and said the hell with it, let me put this up because if I played a clip of you from 25 years ago, would that make you happy?"

This is a shining example of what it is like to be in the Vos universe. Things got progressively more funny as the interview went on.

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Lou: Let's talk about your podcast, "My Wife Hates Me", you and Bonnie McFarlane. Recently you guys were talking about how French fries used to be made. You said they used to make them with meat oil and then Bonnie got frustrated and corrected you and said it's called tallow. Does she get mad at you about thing like that, often? 

Vos: "Not half as mad as I'm getting at this interview. I'm planting trees right now so let's get down to some nitty-gritty. Do you do your own landscaping? No! Who cares about meat oil? Not only that, how long ago did you decide we should do this, about a week? So you had  seven days to prepare some decent questions but no, you want to talk about meat oil. It's unbelievable, now your maker is getting really mad. It's ridiculous and this morning on your way to work, oh what should I ask him about, meat oil? Uh, you stink! Let me tell you something, Ethan if it wasn't for you carrying the show, not the third guy, this thing would be CB radio. Uh, Lou you stink, hey I heard on your podcast your wife corrected you when you said meat oil. Did you read that or see it in a clip you jackass!? You saw it on our Instagram clip and you said oh, that will be my question. That will be it That oughta carry us through this fly-by-night radio show interview. Go ahead what was your next thing?"

Lou: Forgive me but this meat oil thing is your featured content, right? You are talking about meat oil in one of your most recent clips that YOU put out!

Vos:"Not to discuss it!" 

That is premium Rich Vos right there, you wind and he goes. There are only a handful of people I'll stay on the phone with while they insult me for 20 minutes, my parents, my wife and Rich Vos.

Get your tickets to see Rich Vos at Comix Roadhouse at Mohegan Sun now.

25 Year old Vos Clip 

You can listen to our entire interview with Vos below.

Part 1 - The 25 year-old audio clip, Rich asking about my family and the meat oil question.

Part 2 - Rich's landscaping web series, Rich gets distracted by a truck full of dirt and needles Large Dave.

Check out the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Podcast on Apple and Spotify

Vos is a good dude, he even texted after the show to make sure he wasn't too hard on "the new guy" AKA Large Dave. Dave said he was honored to be roasted by Rich.

The I-95 Morning Show Relationship With Vos 

Lou Milano: 2nd from left Vos: 4th From Left
Lou Milano: 2nd from left
Vos: 4th From Left

The Ethan and Lou Show kicked off in 2007, and Vos was one of our inaugural interviewees. He's been making appearances one or two times a year ever since. Interestingly, I had the chance to meet him the year prior while working on a pilot for Comedy Central.

Rich Vos and Patrice O'Neal were the central figures for this reality show where they'd roast the families of couples getting married at their actual weddings. As fate would have it, my ex-wife and I were the couple in question.

Yes, you read that right. Patrice O'Neal and Rich Vos attended our real wedding, delivering roast after roast to us and our loved ones during the actual reception. They even shadowed us for three weeks leading up to the big day, cracking jokes during pre-marital events like the bachelor party and dress fitting.

It was undeniably one of the most unique experiences of my life, and I have no regrets about it. Of course, there were some attendees at our wedding who didn't quite appreciate the comedic stylings, but that's their issue to deal with.

More on Rich 

Rich Vos boasts four specials on Comedy Central and has made over 100 television appearances. His comedic talents have been showcased on HBO, HBO Max, Netflix, Showtime, and Starz. Additionally, Rich produced and starred in the documentary “Women Aren’t Funny” and made an appearance in Judd Apatow’s “King of Staten Island." He's even had the honor of writing for the Academy Awards twice.

Vos is a familiar voice on various top podcasts such as WTF with Marc Maron, The Church of What’s Happening Now with Joe Diaz, and The Joe Rogan Experience. Alongside his wife Bonnie McFarlane, Rich hosts the popular podcast “My Wife Hates Me,” which offers an inside look into the marriage and daily life of the comedic duo. Moreover, Rich has been sober for 35 years, which has led to performances at countless 12-step conventions, and he has 6 albums in rotation on Sirius XM.

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