The crash on Route 7 involving a Connecticut State Trooper back in January was another example of how badly people pay attention when they drive. Now a major player is calling for stronger laws.

Back on January 23, we ran a blog titled Connecticut State Trooper Hospitalized After Route 7 Crash in Brookfield. Following the accident the call for stronger "Move Over" law was loud.

Now Triple-A has weighed in, calling on Connecticut lawmakers to expand the current "Move Over" law which requires drivers to slow down and change lanes to make room for emergency vehicles on the side of the road.

In a story from, on Wednesday Feb. 22, Connecticut's General Assembly’s Transportation Committee will hold a public hearing in the state Capitol complex on four related bills to expand the “Move Over” law.

Triple-A Northeast spokesman Fran Mayko told the Danbury News Times:

How many times do close calls, injuries or fatalities have to occur before drivers understand that the law requires you to slow down? Emergency personnel put themselves in harm’s way daily to assist those in need. The least other drivers can do is respect their presence on roadways

Their have been six incidents in Connecticut between Nov. 2016 and Feb. 2017 involving people not obeying the "Move Over" law. The current law allows penalties of up to 25-hundred-dollars for violations and up to ten-thousand-dollars if the violation results in a death. 

Evidently the current penalties are not enough of a deterrent and something more needs to be done.

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