Calls to obey Connecticut's "Move Over" laws have never been louder, as a Connecticut State Police cruiser was involved in a nasty accident this morning (Jan. 23).

According to the Connecticut State Police Facebook page, at around 8:19 this morning, a Connecticut State Trooper out of Troop A in Southbury had her cruiser pulled over near exit 12 on Super 7 behind a broken down vehicle, when another driver headed northbound crashed into her from behind. While the damage to the State Police cruiser and vehicle that struck it was significant as pictured above, the trooper and the operator of the other vehicle were said to have sustained minor injuries. They were both transported to the hospital for evaluation.

An article that we published last year says that now more than ever, the state police are putting more emphasis on the importance of the "Move Over" law, and are doing much more to enforce it. Motorists will be slapped with fines starting at $181.00 for not moving into another lane when approaching road work teams, emergency services, or law enforcement personnel that are pulled over on any given state highway.

An accident like this certainly shines a light on the fact that the law is absolutely necessary.

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