This season has been way more interesting than any one in recent memory.

You got Aaron Judge, Matt Harvey, the Sox/Orioles beef and a hotly contested AL East. We figured we would catch up on what has happened so far. Ethan and I decided to have a baseball talk at a picnic table like a couple of weirds -- It devolved quickly, and there was some violence:

From my perspective as a Yankee fan this is just fun right now. I have to keep reminding myself of a few things though. This team is young so the same thing that allows them to go on win streaks will be the same thing that allows them to go on losing streaks. There will be a time where the bats cool off and in turn the record hits a skid for awhile. So, it may not be time for me to order my World Series tickets just yet.

However, baseball is a game, it's supposed to be fun to both play and watch. This team right now has been a lot of fun to watch. They are hitting the cover off the ball and it's obvious top to bottom these players would rather be on the field than anywhere else.

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