I think that Connecticut's 'Quiet Corner', the group of towns in our State's Northeast quarter, is the Rodney Dangerfield of Connecticut - It gets no respect. Think about it, have you ever heard anyone say 'Oh man, we had this crazy meal in Pomfret last night', or 'Let's take a ride, see what's happening in Killingly'?

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Look at every 'Best of Connecticut' list you can find, has there every been a mention of a business or restaurant in Woodstock? Thompson? Scotland? Not that I've seen. It's always Stamford, New Haven, Litchfield, or another business or restaurant in heavily populated areas of Connecticut. Are there no good hamburgers in Eastford or Ashford? Isn't there a dairy in Brooklyn that can be mentioned alongside Rich Farm or Arethusa? It's such a beautiful, untouched area of Connecticut. Why?

What does it take to get noticed in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut? I know one answer, build a castle like this guy in Woodstock. Besides a grandiose idea a castle, what else do you have to do? I'm surprised that the influence and money of their Southern neighbors Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun hasn't trickled up 395. Someone from Boston or Providence hasn't stopped on their way to the casinos and said "That's the perfect location for my Banh Mi food truck, forget Long Wharf and the Gastropark, we're settling in Union."?

I'm rooting for you Quiet Corner of Connecticut, there MUST be a 'Best Restaurant, Best Dentist, Best Tire Shop, Breakfast Muffin, etc. in Connecticut in you, one day, you will have social media respect.

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