This is a sobering reminder and I hate sobering reminders.

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According to Metro 24/7 News, CT is the 10th most expensive state in the nation to rent a home. But wait, there are more statistics to scare the crap out of you. The Housing/Wage study comes courtesy of the Partnership for Strong Communities who revealed that a person would need to make over 27-dollars an hour to afford a two bedroom apartment in the Nutmeg State where the minimum wage is $14.

Partnership for Strong Communities
Partnership for Strong Communities

For a one bedroom apartment, CT residents need to earn over $22 per hour. If you look closely at the graphic above, The Partnership of Strong Communities was kind enough to point out certain professions and what they make, on-average in CT.

It says on the graph that a CT cashier makes around $12.90 per hour. So, if you are a single mother who is a cashier in CT, and you need a two-bedroom apartment, you need to pull off a miracle or two, each month.

I'm not suggesting we just keep raising the minimum wage, I don't think that is the solution but something needs to be done to help residents who are getting priced out of the region. Connecticut, specifically Fairfield County has become the chosen destination for wealthy former NYC residents. They've been running here in droves since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This influx is driving demand for homes through the roof and the prices are following.

Unless we only care about having wealthy people in CT, if that is the case, everyone keep doing what they are doing.

P.S The scary thing about this is, we'll never catch up. The differences between the cost of living and the earnings are too large to overcome with any type of government action. Basically, it means if you don't start making a lot more money, fast, you'll have to move and I'll be right next to you in line. 

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