I'm obsessed with Roni Cup Pizza. How the hell do they make these beautiful little Roni Cups? Where can you get them? I can never find any around Connecticut. It turns out, a local food distributor just over the CT/NY border in Brewster played a part in introducing us to these wonderful things.

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I first noticed the thick-cut, saucer-shaped pepperoni cups at Domenic's and Vinnie's in Middlebury. I've always loved their old-school paper bags, but the pepperoni was different. Little pools of grease forms in the cups, blending in with a sea of cheese, oh man. What a difference from the boring, thin pepperoni that we're used to.

Turns out this cut of pepperoni has been popular in the Midwest US for some time. According to ny.eater.com, it was Brewster's Ace Endico Corporation that introduced the Ezzo Roni Cup, made by Ohio's Ezzo Sausage Company to New York City in 2016. It's slowly made it's way to some pizza places here in Connecticut and Upstate NY, and I want more. Haven't had a Roni Cup pizza yet?

Like Roni Cup Pizza? You Should Thank Brewster's Ace Endico

There's just something about that char and shape. If you love it as much as I do, you should thank a local company in Brewster, New York, they a factor in making it happen here.

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