It looks like a movie set from the film Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. There is a true-to-life castle for sale in Woodstock, Connecticut. I originally published this article in November of 2021 when this outrageous castle was on the market for $35 million. This castle which comes complete with an actual drawbridge and moat has been relisted for $39 million as of September 21st, 2023.

The listing agent, John Pizzi, told Connecticut Magazine, "It looks like a real castle from medieval times, like something you'd see at Walt Disney World or in Ireland." Since it was built, it's been a constant attraction where people will drive by to see if it's a real castle.

This 20-room castle/home rests on 354 acres of land in Connecticut's Windham County on a quiet road near the Massachusetts border. At one point, exotic animals were kept on the property including a zebra, emus, and camels. Let's go take a peek at the inside and outside of this wondrous castle.

This Magnificent $35 Million Dollar Castle Features a Moat

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