Photographs like this are rare. Seeing four living President's sitting together and having the image captured for all of time is a special thing. Now let's not waste this opportunity, let's speculate on what might have been said.

Did someone tell someone else to "shove over?" I sure hope so. Did they have the awkward conversations we all have at wakes and funerals? "How's the family?" "Good, you? "Good." Right after that you feel your skin start to crawl knowing neither of you have not one more word to share with each other.

Did someone pass gas? Possible, I'm not saying it happened but my money is on Carter. Maybe he had a few Billy Beers to take the edge off in the morning. Those cheap beers come back and bite ya', lemme tell you what.

I want your caption, what do you think these people said to each other. GO!




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