This is the hot new toy right now.

It's all the kids are talking about. It's called the "Fidget Spinner."

My kids are going B-A-N-A-N-A-S over this thing right now. All it does is spin, and they HAD to have it. We got one for each of the kids, and they won't stop playing with it. I can, at least, appreciate that it's not a video game for once.

Apparently, this thing was created to help kids with ADD and ADHD concentrate. They concentrate on it, alright. So much so, that schools around the country have already banned it.

For ten bucks, it's not a bad toy. My kids got theirs at the gas station for a "Hamilton," but the listed price on Amazon now is like $23. The demand is shooting through the roof, so the price will follow.

It got me to thinking, what are some of the biggest toy crazes of all time? Immediately, these came to mind in no particular order:

  • Tamagotchi - Don't know if I even spelled it right. I hated this thing. It was a little digital pet that you had to care for or it would die. Adults even got in on it. I called it the Hoos-a-moochie.
  • Tickle me Elmo - I wanted to throw this out the window when my little sister got it.
  • Hatchimals - This piece of junk was the big toy craze this past Christmas. What a rip off. I was at a Christmas party where someone tried to hatch the thing for hours and nothing happened.
  • The Pet Rock - Still the most brilliant idea in the history of ideas, and proof there is a sucker born everyday.
  • Rubix Cube - Probably the coolest of all the craze toys. I had one, and I was able to get the Rubix cube done. It only took me two years.

What toy crazes do you remember? What were the best ones? What were the biggest rip offs? GO!

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