The Wu-Tang Clan is one of the most successful and influential hip-hop crews in the history of the genre.

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Formed in 1992, and hailing from Staten Island, NY, the band has sold million upon millions of albums worldwide. Some of the group's artists launched their own solo careers that have turned into smash hits like Method Man, Redman, the late Ol' Dirty Bastard and RZA.

One of Hip-Hop's badges of honor is growing up in a rough city, and it is often refereed to as "street cred" or street credibility. This is not taken lightly in the hip-hop community, there have been artists who have inflated, or exaggerated their "street cred" and when the community finds out, the artists reputation can be damaged forever.

Many of you reading this are rolling your eyes right now because you know all of this but I'm writing this for the website of a Classic Rock radio station (I-95) and can't assume you know. Let's just call this "Hip-Hop Street Cred 101." If that were a course, and I was teaching it, my first lesson plan would be about what not to do.

As an example, I'd say, you don't bastardize one of the most iconic logos in Hip-Hop history to incorporate the name of one of the most privileged towns in America, Weston, CT. Which is precisely what someone did. While cruising the CT Reddit page the other day, I stumbled over this post from u/DanAreLax.

I'm all for community pride and I love the Wu-Tang Clan but there is no good reason that this t-shirt should exist. In this day and age, it's frowned upon to flat-out, call an idea dumb but I am willing to make an exception for this shirt.

You can be from Weston and like the Wu-Tang Clan, I'm from Brewster, NY and love them. You can wear a Weston t-shirt, you can wear a Wu-Tang t-shirt but don't combine the two.

2017 Census figures say the median household income in Weston is $219,000 +. The most danger you can be in, in Weston is blowing out your Sperry's at Whole Foods, let's get real. In 2017, Weston was ranked the safest towns in CT, and one of America's 100 safest cities. This shirt makes no sense, unless it's intentionally ironic. Even then, it's not that funny. This shirt stinks.

P.S. Hot Topic sells the regular Wu-Tang shirt.

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