I love sports on all levels. I love everything that comes along with them, and I really love anything intended to excite the players and fans. For me, few things are as cool as a team hype video.

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The hype video can be produced by someone associated with the team or a fan, it doesn't matter because when it's done well it adds an additional layer of anticipation to a season or specific game. I also love the City of Danbury, my home. So, when I saw that the WestConn Men's Basketball team dropped their 2021-2022 season hype video, I could not click in fast enough.

I don't mean offense when I say that but I wanted more, maybe a Morgan Freeman voiceover, a cameo from Chris Paul and a few carefully timed explosions. I'm kidding of course, it's a job well done by the folks at WestConn. The video was posted to Youtube on December 3, 2021 and according to the description, it was shot and edited by Keith Purdie and produced by WCSU Media Services

The question I have after watching this is, should Danbury people care more about their WestConn athletic teams? I don't get the sense that the community rallies around the basketball team or any of the other sports, and it' s a city with a lot of sports fans.

I guess a case can be made that we throw that support and energy behind the Danbury Hat Tricks hockey team and Danbury Westerners baseball team. For such a small city, we do have a pretty active sports community. There is also the possibility that I have this all wrong, and WestConn games are always well-attended. If that is the case, please everyone, accept my apologies.

Now I'll quit guessing and apologizing, and do my part to help. According to the team website, the Men's team has their next home game on Wednesday, December 29 at 3 pm against New Paltz at the O'Neill Center. Their next weekend home game is on Saturday Jan 8, when the Colonials tip-off against Keene State. Check their full schedule and learn more about tickets here. The Men's team is 6-3 this year.

The WestConn Women's team is home on Thursday, Dec 30 against Elms College and their next weekend, home tip-off is Friday Dec 31 against Farmingdale of SUNY POLY. Check their full-schedule here. The women's team is also 6-3 on the year.

P.S. I know that getting Morgan Freeman to do a voiceover for your hype video isn't realistic, but I am available and willing to do a V/O for the price of free but I insist on having script approval.

I watch hype videos a lot, below is one the better college football hype videos I've seen.

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It's that time of year where media outlets inundate you with a braggard list of all the work they've done for the year. By December, everyone is pretty much out of ideas anyway. This is sort of like that. The following are photos I took of Danbury, CT for stories I wrote about the Hat City in 2021.

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