As the world collectively lights up this Friday to celebrate the marijuana-high-holiday, I have some questions.

Maybe you can bring them up, and they could serve as good conversation starters when you gather around "Billy Bong Thornton" or "Wesley Pipes."

  • How much marijuana could a human physically smoke in a day? The question itself is dated for this day and age. There are so many different ways to get it into your system now. I've heard most people don't even smoke it anymore. They vape it, they rub oils in their crevasses, and they consume the edibles. I get it, but how much marijuana can one body stand?
  • How many plants were smoked before the first person ever found out "this one" was the one? The first person who smoked weed must have been delighted. Yes, they were delighted because they were high. They also must have been really excited to run around the village telling people they could stop trying to smoke eggplants and spinach.
  • If you know, for a fact, that your weed was smuggled in someone's rear end, are you smoking it? Drug mules have all sorts of methods for transporting their product, and most are not ideal. If you had HARD EVIDENCE that your final product moved via butt cheek, would you still smoke it? The answer is probably "yes" for most people who love their weed, it's just worth asking. I get this is also a dated question. Most "product" now is straight out a dispensary, but that does not make for good conversation.

Feel free to borrow my questions and kick these around while blasting off this holiday.

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