I was sweating on the way home yesterday. November 2, 2022 and my car felt like it was close to 100 when I got in. This is good for our pocket energy conservers. I always tried to wait until November 1 before I turned the heat on, can we make it to December 1 Connecticut?

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The last time that home heating oil was over $5 a gallon, my wife and I decided that we were going to keep our house at 60 degrees for the winter. We tried to fight off the winter chill with hoodies, extra blankets, and wearing socks to bed. It worked. Our heating bill dropped significantly when we chose to drop from 65-70 to 60. We sold our house, and got into a condo with electric heat soon afterwards, but we still tried to wait until November 1 before turning the heat on.

It's become a game to us now. I find that if the ambient temp in our condo gets close to 55, that's when I cave and turn it on. We've come close a couple of times in October, but here we sit on November 3, and I still have not. The high temp is supposed to be close to 70-75 degrees state-wide through Election day, Tuesday November 8.

With maybe a simple space heater, a few Vera Bradley blankets, and my trusty collection of henleys and hoodies, we might be able to make it until December 1? I just checked, the average price for a gallon of home heating oil in Connecticut has gone up over $1.20 in the last 30 days. Are you playing this game too?

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