It's one of the most popular series on Netflix right now so everyone wants to know more about The Watcher. So I went looking for some answers and found 7 Fun Facts About the Westchester House That Played a Starring Role in The Watcher on Netflix.

1 - The Watcher is a horror/suspense show streaming on Netflix. The series is loosely based on a true story, of a couple who was terrorized by mysterious and threatening letters.

2 - The real-life events took place in Westfield, NJ and the case has run cold.

3 - The house that is featured in the film is not located in Westfield, NJ. The home used in the series is in Rye, NY. All exterior shots that appear in the series were filmed at the Rye home, and in surrounding areas/locations. In fact, according to the Patch, one of the series' most important scenes was filmed in DeCicco and Sons in Larchmont, NY. Interior shots were done on a set, the filmmakers created to look like the inside of the New Jersey home.

4 - The Rye home is located on Warriston Lane in the Milton Point area steps from the Long Island Sound.

5 - The cedar shake and stone colonial home sits on 1.25 acres and the Patch says it features:

  • A chef's kitchen with Calcutta stone
    A 10-seat movie room,
    A game room with full bar
    A library
    Indoor basketball court
    Full gym
    A golf simulator
    A 3-car garage with an electric charging station
    6 fireplaces
    A 70' swimming pool/spa

6 - The Real home is located in a town called Westfield, NJ - 657 Boulevard, the real address was used in the movie.

7 - According to CNN, both the Rye, NY and Westfield, NJ homes have seen a sharp increase in curious fans stopping by to take a look. The Westfield community is particularly sick of the interest in the home.

I just finished the series and I absolutely love it. If you're a fan of Ryan Murphy's work, you'll really like this one because it builds a ton of tension without a lot of shock value imagery.

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