A Watertown Police Officer has been arrested after being accused of tampering with a charity raffle and later, stealing jewelry that was donated.

According to a press release from the Connecticut State Police, it was reported that during the raffle drawing that followed a charity golf tournament sponsored by the Watertown PD at Crestbook Park Golf Course, an attendee took video footage that showed 26-year-old Christopher Masayda, a Watertown Police Officer who was off-duty at the time, grabbing a bag that contained a watch and a bracelet that was intended to be a raffle prize, then walking away. The prize was valued at about $595.

Police say that when the video was showed to the raffle organizers, also members of the Watertown Police Department, Masayda was asked to produce the winning ticket as proof that he had indeed won the prize. When Masayda didn't have the ticket, the bag was returned to the drawing area to be raffled off again.

The press release goes on to say that Officer Masayda is accused of a physical confrontation in which he attempted to take the cell phone that contained the footage from the person who filmed it before being asked to leave the event.

Today (November 6), Masayda was arrested after turning himself in to the Connecticut State Police. He was released on a promise to appear at Waterbury Superior Court on November 20.

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