Watertown, CT police are looking for six suspects connected to a bar fight that resulted in three injuries at a place called the Red Door Bar in Watertown, CT, according to the News-Times.

I will say this is why I cannot do this whole frat boy bar thing anymore. I don't know or care about the circumstances, but I will say I don't care. I can only imagine what the dispute was over, but I'm sure it was women, shoes, sports or something equally important.

When I have that feeling like 'Should I stay home or go out?"

The answer should always be: "Stay home"

Ain't nobody got time for dat!  I like going out to a late dinner with my girl when we can get a sitter, but if it runs past 10 pm there is always something that will tempt me to do something dumb.  Meaning there is always some dumb meat head already looking to party, and by party I mean fight.

I don't wanna get stabbed bro!

I'm sure this fight was over something important. Probably because UCONN did not make the dance and someone said they didn't care.

Oh man. I can't take being a human.

Why could I not have been a monkey they are much more reasonable. No Bueno!