Who's with me? One of my biggest fears has always been falling through the ice. Here's what you need to know about Candlewood Lake.

Talk about being on thin ice. There's no doubt that the arctic blast we've endured since Christmas time has certainly aided ponds and lakes freezing over. People tend to take it for granted that every thing is safe if they venture out onto the ice, but that's not always the case.

The Candlewood Lake Authority issued this safety reminder:

No ice is 100 percent safe and ice conditions can significantly change the strength of ice from one spot to another.

Ice on Candlewood does not freeze in uniform thickness and can vary drastically in as little as a few feet of distance.

Lake levels, which rise and fall throughout the winter, can also affect how strong the ice is, especially along the shoreline.

Also on candlewoodlakeauthority.org  is a press release posted Jan. 5 from FirstLight Power Resources about changes in the drawdown of Candlewood Lake. It reads, in  part:

FirstLight Power Resources (FirstLight), the owner and operator of the Rocky River Pumped Hydro Storage plant in New Milford, is temporarily amending the current drawdown of Candlewood Lake by drawing it down further than originally planned to provide additional clean electricity generation to the power grid.

FirstLight is cautioning members of the public to be aware of constantly changing conditions on the lake, which can become dangerous in very short periods of time. Ice shelves, ice drifts, and other hazards regularly occur and could present a life threatening situation, so proceed with extreme caution when venturing out onto the lake.

On top of this info, we do have a warming trend headed our way for a few days along with rain at the end of the week. Be cautious and stay safe.

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