With many of us working from home and even more of us scrambling to find ways to keep our families educated and entertained, a popular local zoo is taking their tours to the internet.

The Beardsley Zoo has taken extra precautions and closed its doors for the meantime. While the Zoo remains closed, they plan to host Facebook Live streaming sessions for the public. They will go Live on Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo Facebook Page every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 p.m.

You can join them for their first live stream today Wednesday, March 18 at 2:00pm for a visit with their Amur Tigers, Reka and Zeya, and their Animal Care Specialist Bethany.

Watch Here:

Beardsley is also doing their part in launching some distance learning programs in order to help provide students with comprehensive lessons about the animals through custom YouTube video presentations:

What a great way to entertain and educate the kids while they're at home! Don't forget to leave your recommendations on what animals you'd like to see next on their Facebook post.

Check out Beardsley Zoo's website to see how you can support the keepers and animals.

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