The economic fallout from COVID-19 will be felt for a long time to come. Unfortunately, a cool, funky Washington restaurant has become a victim to the virus.

The Hidden Valley Eatery in Washington announced this morning on Facebook that they would not be reopening. "Not a day has passed hasn't thought, watched, deciphered and tried to digest the situation handed to all of us. It is with a heavy heart we do not see it possible to continue business as usual at Hidden Valley Eatery," they said.

The Stitcher family, owners of the restaurant, thanked the town of Washington for the years of support and announced that the business is available for purchase as a turn key operation.

That is a real shame. I only recently ate there for the first time and was really impressed with the place. The front looked as much like a hip, quirky antique shop as a restaurant, the interior was welcoming and full of obvious regulars, and the food was wonderful. I don't know what the secret ingredient in their corned beef hash was, but it tasted almost vaguely Oriental. I know that sounds weird. Trust me, it wasn't. Plus there was so much of it I had to get a to go bag, which is rare for me. I almost always eat everything on my plate. The leftovers were plenty for the next morning. I vowed to make it a regular weekend stop. Ironically the one and only time I ate there was right before the pandemic started.

All the best to the Hidden Valley Eatery. You'll be missed.

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