Do you have any friends or co-workers who have the flu or a nasty head cold right now? What about COVID? While those are all common, the Norovirus seems to be the most prominent across Connecticut and New York hitting us so much harder and spiking much more quickly than the rest of the country.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every region from the South to sunny Southern California is seeing an influx however nothing like the Northeast.

I'm talking about the Norovirus which most of us call the stomach bug or the stomach flu and it spreads easily from person to person as it's highly contagious.

Blood sample positive with Norovirus

But here's something I didn't know about the Norovirus. I thought it needed a human to survive while only lasting on hard surfaces touched by an infectious person for a few hours and not lasting long airborne.

According to the website Best Life Online, we can contract the Norovirus simply by eating or drinking something that is contaminated with the bug.

If you come into contact with it you'll most likely start feeling the symptoms within a day or two according to the CDC.

Stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, dehydration, and a fever are all symptoms albeit you may not have all of them. You'll feel like complete sh*t.

Hand sanitizer won't do a thing for you during this highly contagious spread across the country because alcohol doesn't kill the virus so make sure you're washing your hands more than normal according to the CDC.

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