Of course you've seen this meme, and probably used it.

It's the famous smiling dog sipping coffee, surrounded by fire, and saying "this is fine", "everything's fine", or "nothing to see here." According to NPR, this obscure comic went viral back in 2014 and kept pace internationally, exploding even more in 2017.

The creator?  A guy from Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Meet cartoonist KC Green. He first published this dog surrounded by fire in 2013 as part of his Gunshow comic strip, according to NPR. KC told NPR he remembers when it first went viral.

I remember it first being used on Instagram meme accounts, saying like, 'When finals week starts,' ... this is fine. 'When everyone's yelling at you and you're supposed to keep a smile on at your work,' you know, this is fine, and it kind of snowballed from there.

According to NPR, the canine character is named Question Hound, and KC created it as the state of his own mind. Talk about personifying something we've all experienced, not literally of course but figuratively.

It's actually a nod to mental health, according to NPR, since KC was focusing on his own when he created this 'On Fire' strip at age 25. Clearly it all turned out nice for KC, who has made enough money from website merchandise sales as well as licensing deals, according to NPR.

Both Adult Swim and Funko Pop have used his cartoons.

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