I absolutely love Target, however what its membership offers will make the difference. I mean those funny memes that say you can't just drop buy Target for a couple of items because you're sure to spend $200 minimum, by the time you leave are so hilariously true.

Paid memberships at big box stores like Costco, Sam's Club, and BJs aren't new obviously as that's what they've always been about. Whether it's a business buying in bulk or a household looking for deals while stocking up on certain items, these paid membership big box stores are big business.

Amazon is included in this albeit it's the online version where you pay for your Prime membership for deals in shipping and streaming among others. So by the end of 2024, here's what shopping at your favorite Target in Stamford may soon look like. Massachusetts itself has 50 to choose from while New York has 100+.

It's all about reversing the decline in sales according to Entrepreneur website following the discussions. It's called "Project Trident" and the plan is to have various tiers of paid memberships similar to Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus and Kroger Boost which all offer exclusive deals and discounts as well as perks.

Target Corp saw a nearly 14% decline since February 2023 so the company knows it needs to make some big changes, especially since it's closed several locations around the country in the last couple of years.

According to the Daily Mail, we don't have any pricing details yet or even how a tiered system will operate, however while big box stores like Costco are around $60 for annual memberships, the likes of Amazon and Walmart are around $15 each month.

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