Before you start calling me crazy, hear me out.

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It is well documented that Mel Gibson suggested Christopher Walken could be the antichrist. If you have not seen this video yet, you're welcome. It was recorded in August of 1998 and has made the rounds on the internet many times. During the chat Gibson had this to say about Christopher Walken:

"No he came to see me on a rooftop in New York, he said can I talk to you? I said sure, he floated in sideways through a crowd of people, he was wearing black and it was like one of those old vampire movies where they don't walk, they glide. He was a dancer so he's very graceful. He moved sideways and sat down in a chair next to me, he kind of frightened me and he's a very smart guy. We started talking and I didn't say much of anything about the script, nothing. I just started talking about the Middle Ages and he began to talk about tortures and we swapped tortures because I read this book on tortures and I tried to recall some of the most heinous things I'd ever read in this book and he was like oh, and he'd tried to top it. My assistant was there and he left because he couldn't stand it anymore. The air had turned cold, he left and I wanted to leave because I knew I didn't want to work with him and he was getting scary. Then I turned around, it was on top of the Peninsula Hotel. I turned around to avoid his steady gaze at one point and I was looking at a building with the top of the sixes on it. So there was a huge illuminated triple-6 in red and I went from that, to that, to that and he started smiling. I thought, "Oh no, Chris Walken is the antichrist."

This little speech has been bouncing around in my head for years so I guess I should not have been surprised that I forced it into a conversation recently. However, I did not expect the person I was talking to to be so close to the situation. When I say close, I mean Christopher Walken's former Weston, CT neighbor. Let me say that again for the kids in the back, I brought this Mel Gibson thing up to Chris Walken's former neighbor.

On Tuesday (1/16/24) we were interviewing rock legend Joe Bouchard who was an original member of Blue Oyster Cult. We asked about the infamous "Cowbell" sketch on Saturday Night Live which was about the recording of BOC's "Don't Fear the Reaper." Of I had to mention that because Walken was in the sketch playing Bruce Dickinson who demanded "more cowbell!"

Everything was going fine, everything was normal until I remembered this damn interview with Mel Gibson. I brought it up, only to learn that Joe Bouchard was neighbors with Walken in Weston, CT. Check this out.

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Lou Milano: Christopher Walken was in that skit and this is going to be kind of leftfield but I'm going to throw it at you anyway, do you know that Mel Gibson thinks Christopher Walken is the actual devil? 

Joe Bouchard: "OK. No, I don't think he's the devil. No, he's a great actor though. He used to jog past my house. I lived in Weston for about three or four years and he used to jog past my house, I'd see him jogging everyday you know? He'd be doing these different characters and you could tell he would change his look. You could tell he was studying lines as he jogged past the house. It's the truth, it's true." 

Left to Right: Lou Milano, Joe Bouchard, Mark Rivera, Ethan Carey
Left to Right: Lou Milano, Joe Bouchard, Mark Rivera, Ethan Carey

What was I thinking? What was Mel thinking? What was poor Joe thinking when I shouted this out? What are the odds?

P.S. I'm not sure how jogging disqualifies you from being the Prince of Darkness? I get it, he jogs but what I wanted to hear at that moment was something about church or caring for lost puppies. I actually think jogging makes sense for the devil, you got keep agile with so many people looking for you.

I am not suggesting that Christopher Walken is the devil, that was Mel. I happen to love his work and admire his unique approach to entertainment but who could pass on an opportunity to ask these questions?

Check out the full Joe Bouchard interview below. We also talked about BOC's early years and what he is up to now.

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