If I had a time machine and I could go back in time to warn America of what we would become, I'd want to bring this video with me.

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I'd say I am from the future and if we don't change our ways, you'll end up liking and caring about videos like this one. You will one day place a value on things like this and award them digital likes that will activate the pleasure center of the user who posted it.

I am going to explain Instagram now and if you already know how this works, skip ahead a few paragraphs. On Instagram you can extract audio from someone else's video and then attach that sound to a video of your own. This can be music or a person speaking and the dumber it is, the better.

When one of these audio tracks become popular, Instagram users will try to create a video their own that somehow fits the piece of sound. That is what we have here below. Someone took a viral piece of sound (a man with an accent complaining) and attached it to a short video of a CT State Trooper.

Don't you feel dumber? Me too. I'm not judging because I'm part of the problem. There are literally hundreds of videos of me on social media doing things that are out of character just to get attention to my radio show.

Other than my family, my only care in the world is the Ethan & Lou Show. I decided a long time ago that the show is important enough to me that I'm willing to sacrifice my dignity now and again. We all have our decisions to make.

If the Greater-Danbury Area Towns Were Christmas Movies

When this topic came up in our office, my ears perked right up. The question was simple “If Greater Danbury Towns Were Christmas movies, which would they be and why? It’s so simple and yet so complex, it made no sense and gave me a topic to argue with my friends. I was so excited about it, I wrote them down, and this is the list: 

Youtube Video Proves There is More Nightlife in Danbury Than I Thought

I'm at Hat City resident and have been for the last six years, and last year we moved from the Germantown Road area to Downtown Danbury. My wife and I can, and do walk to dinner at places like Pippa's, Empire of the Incas and Two Steps but when dinner is over, sometimes we want to stay out, get some drinks and dance but haven't found a lot of options. Maybe I wasn't looking closely enough or I was overlooking some existing options. I found a new video on Youtube that suggests I am missing something. I know there are some Spanish spots downtown that I've been curious about but never visited and now this video confirms that I need to take a closer look. 

A Tour of the Ice Arena for the Danbury Hat Tricks Victorious Weekend

This season is underway at the Danbury Ice Arena and it began in victorious fashion. I was in the Arena for Friday and Saturday's games and I experienced the entire thing for you. Once you are done checking this out, you are going to buy tickets, that is not a threat, it's just what is going to happen.

There is something for everyone inside that arena, even if you don't like hockey. There were a ton of activities to be a part of in the Arena, even if you don't like hockey. That's not my style, if I go for a game I want to watch it but all the extras don't hurt the experience one bit,

Downtown Danbury Glows at Night

If you wait for the sun to set and head out on the streets, you will notice that Danbury, CT has a glow at night.

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