I've waited years for this moment and it's finally here, the Ethan and Lou Show Podcast is now available.

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I'm really excited, for two reasons only, I now have every segment we do available at the tip of my fingers at home, and our loyal listeners will no longer be able to tell me they missed something on the show, because they can go back and find it.

What is the Ethan and Lou Podcast?

This is not an additional show that we record, this is a condensed version of the same show we broadcast on terrestrial radio (95.1FM) and on our app. What you get, is the Ethan and Lou content only. There is no music, and for now, no commercials, these are just the segments you've come to love, or hate, like Missed Headlines and Live & Local.

How often do you post a show?

Every weekday a new episode publishes. If we do Monday's show live, it will be published no later than Tuesday morning. Tuesday's would hit no later than Wed, etc. There will also be archived episodes, once the library builds up, you can go back and listen to a show from last month.

Where do I get the podcast?

You can access the podcast on our website, our I-95 Rock Mobile App, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, or wherever you consume podcasts. Just search the "The Ethan and Lou Show", follow us, share with a friend and download away.

How can I access it on the app?

1 - Open the app on your phone

2 - Press the arrow on the right 7 times or just scroll to the right until you can't anymore.


3 - Press the "Radio on Demand" button.


4 - Press on the name of the show: "The Ethan and Lou Show."


5 - Pick an episode from the list, and for better sound pair it to your Bluetooth in your car or your house.


6 - I forgot one more step, tell your friends.

Listen, everyone and their mother has a podcast so I get it, people are sick of hearing about everyone's podcast. The difference between the one your cousin does and the one we do, is that ours is good.

I'm under no illusion that we are going to become rich or famous off this but it does introduce the show to a younger audience and greatly benefits our loyal listeners who work for a living and cannot catch every second of the show. Yes, I'm excited, I've been waiting for this for a long time.

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