First it was the AAA - DMV deal and now another one bites the dust.

Some services are just  really convenient to consumers. We don't always see the ramifications of those deals. I was sad to report about Connecticut's DMV and AAA ending their license renewal deal for non - members in the state.  

Now in a story from Staples is stopping it's United States Postal services at about 500 locations across the country by March. We all know about the ongoing downturn for the USPS. One of their many efforts to cut costs and keep the postal service afloat was to privatize services that had always been handled by neighborhood post offices. Many of those have been closed to also try to save money.

Since 2014, the American Postal Workers Union and the AFL-CIO have fought back. Here's a statement on the website from Union President Mark Dimondstein:

The Staples pilot was an acceleration in the privatization of retail services and a direct assault on our jobs. It was time to draw a line in the sand

The American Postal Workers Union has been boycotting Staples since 2014 saying that the:

The U.S. Mail is Not for Sale!

I don't like to see anyone lose their job. I really like the lady that delivers my mail. Privatizing of certain services like the U.S. Postal Service can be a slippery slope for sure. I'm thinking this fight is far from over.

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