Well, you can kiss the convenience of an easy in-and-out for your license renewal at AAA offices in parts of Connecticut good bye.

I held out hope for the agreement I wrote about on Oct. 4, in which AAA had agreed to resume licensing services for non-members in Connecticut. Sadly, the deal didn't stick.

According to connecticut.news12.com, AAA has pulled the plug on non-member services. They will no longer perform license services for the state Department of Motor Vehicles in Fairfield and New Haven counties -- that includes the Danbury location.

The DMV and AAA couldn't come to a final agreement to extend the arrangement, that would allow non-members go to a AAA office to renew and the deal expired. AAA wanted to only provide license renewal services to their members, excluding the general public. DMV officials say they could not justify continuing the agreement when most of the public was being excluded.

One can always keep their fingers crossed that the tide will turn, again, but I won't hold out much hope for that.

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