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Instead, you are about to have a look at the unique Christmas trees, your neighbors have put in their homes this year.

Unique Christmas Tree Decorations From All Over the Greater-Danbury Area

Every year, I battle with my wife Erica over the Christmas tree. Is it straight? Why is this section not as full as this one? Do you really need an ax to put up a fake tree? You know, these are normal decoration discussions. When we are done, we have a hastily prepared Christmas tree in our living room. It's never the best, it's never the worst and we find ourselves with the baseline requirements for the holiday. Decorating for the holidays is not our thing but some people go above and beyond, both in, and out of their home. In years past I have written about the amazing Christmas light displays around Danbury. This year, I wanted to take a peak inside people's homes. I asked our readers to please send me a photo of their holiday trees. What I got back was a beautiful and diverse array of Christmas trees. These are some of the submissions we got from Danbury, Ridgefield, Sherman, Brewster, Mahopac and beyond. 

If you feel your tree should be on this list, send it to me on the I-95 Rock Mobile App, if I get enough response, I will do a part 2 article. I used to do an article about the Christmas light displays in the area, I made it a tradition with my wife and kids. We'd go out to take the photos as a family and it was a fun, unifying holiday activity. I miss that and I may have to bring it back in 2023.

P.S. Back in the day, when we needed to do research for school projects, we all went to the town library. If we were doing a report on the 1960's in our hometown, we'd read archived news articles to learn about some of biggest events from that era.I always felt this didn't provide real context. We found out what happened, sometimes why it happened but that was it. Even today, with the internet and a boom in digital media, I feel there are questions don't get answered. When I invest my time, I want to know what people were like, what do they drive, what are their homes like? I'm going a long way tell you, I hope my articles will fill-in those blanks for someone, someday. I hope the things I write are looked at, like a time capsule. So, yes I think an article about people's Christmas trees in 2022, is very valid.

Some of Danbury's Coolest Christmas Light Displays 2020

If the Greater-Danbury Area Towns Were Christmas Movies

When this topic came up in our office, my ears perked right up. The question was simple “If Greater Danbury Towns Were Christmas movies, which would they be and why? It’s so simple and yet so complex, it made no sense and gave me a topic to argue with my friends. I was so excited about it, I wrote them down, and this is the list: 

5 Underrated Christmas Movies Your Family Has Probably Never Seen Before

We all know that selecting a movie for a group of people is not easy and that is how you found yourself here, asking advice from an angry radio personality. On paper, I’m not fit to make decisions for myself, let alone an entire group of strangers. But, you are in the right place because to quote Dwight Schrute “I know everything about film, I’ve seen over 240 of them.”

You’ve found yourself at a common roadblock, one or more of your family members have decided they want to watch a movie they’ve never seen before. You suggested “Elf” and someone said, “not again”, you said we can watch “Home Alone” and someone groaned “nooooo.”

What Christmas movie can you watch that you’ve never seen before? These are 5 Underrated Christmas Movies Your Family Has Probably Never Seen. 

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