I was trying to access my Facebook around 10:30 am on Tuesday (3/5/24) and I just could not get on.

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I started the process of changing my password but that would not work either and then we got an email from corporate who told us this is happening everywhere. According to the Metro:

"The issue appears to be global. Threads, Instagram’s rival platform to X, and Facebook Messenger are also suffering issues. WhatsApp, also owned by Meta, appeared to briefly suffer a small outage, affecting hundreds of users. Within half an hour of the issues first appearing on Down Detector, at around 3pm, the number of reports had passed 90,000 for Facebook, and 15,000 for Instagram. At its peak, more than 250,000 UK Facebook users reported issues, while in the US more than half a million users reported the outage."

CBS says:

"Facebook and Instagram users are reporting widespread issues, with many saying they were booted out of the social media platforms and are now unable to log back in."

And Down Detector confirms the mess with a massive spike in outages right around 11 am.

In a post on X (Twitter) Meta spokesman Andy Stone wrote: “We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now.”

Meta has over 20 billion users.

I must have tried to change my password 50 times, this is going to be a massive mess when all is said and done. We will talk about this Wednesday on the I-95 Morning Show. We want to know how this impacted your day and who you believe is behind this.

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Someone get Zucker-Face on the phone!!!!!! We will have more information as we get it.

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