If you live in Southeast, there could be a couple of dudes casing your home.

More specifically, if you happen to live in the areas of Larkspur Road, South Drive, and South Road, be on the lookout for two suspicious looking characters. According to an article in the Putnam Daily Voice, residents have told Troopers that it looks like these guys were, "Looking for ways to enter homes."

They were described as two white males in their 20s. According to a homeowner in the neighborhood, one of these blockheads apparently knocked on their door saying something about how they had rented the house and then disappeared.

Police are asking that if you think you've seen these guys, DO NOT approach them, but to immediately call 845-677-7300 and leave a message for Trooper Kuhlmann. Do not pull a gun or engage with these unsavory individuals. My advice would be:

Billy don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life. Billy don't be a hero, come back and make her your wife.

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