Local restaurants have gotten together to execute a herculean task.

It all began about a month ago when Justin Merten-Slodowski, the owner of the 440 Line Restaurant in New Fairfield, began thinking about the stress and pressures that our medical professionals were up against working on the front lines treating COVID-19 patients at Danbury Hospital.

As he began to brainstorm ideas on how he could step up and help out, he came to the conclusion that by being a part of the restaurant industry, he could provide healthy and delicious meals to many of the medical personnel fighting the pandemic.

On April 1, Justin drove over 100 meals to Danbury Hospital employees and when people began hearing about what Justin was accomplishing, donations began pouring in. By April 11, those donations totaled $14,000 and then Mars Electric jumped on board with a generous donation as well.

Justin and Mars Electric's owner, Mike Sekelsky, started thinking big or maybe even too big. Could they pull off cooking 900 dinners on Easter Sunday for all of the hospitable employees?

A friend and fellow restauranteur, Scott Haines, the owner of Biscottis Restaurant in New Fairfield, jumped into the challenge by offering his staff and kitchen to help Justin make his goal a reality. Think about it! 900 hot meals prepared in a timely manner and delivered to Danbury Hospital within a 30-minute window. Impossible right?

WRONG! Between Justin, Scott, Mars Electric, and everyone else who contributed money, all 900 medical personnel working at Danbury Hospital got to enjoy a delicious Easter dinner which goes to show that when enthusiastic caring individuals have a dream and the work ethic to get the job done, it shall be done. Now that's what I call a hero.

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