Last week, the Danbury Police Department arrested three suspects on a variety of drug charges.

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According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, the bust resulted in the recovery of 150 bags of fentanyl, crack cocaine, pills and cash. The official report says the Danbury Police Special Investigations Division (SID) took Robert Stevenson, Richard Frascone and Alyson Kershaw into custody on Thursday (3/23/23).

Police say this was the culmination of a month-long investigation that yielded search and seizure warrants from Danbury Superior Court. Authorities say they observed the target of the investigation, Robert Stevenson traveling in a vehicle down Division Street on Thursday. DPD said officers moved in and executed a search of the vehicle and it's occupants. That search reportedly turned up cocaine and a crack pipe.

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A search of Stevenson's home allegedly resulted in the recovery of more drugs, including fentanyl. The remaining details are outlined in the DPD Press Release:

"Detectives initiated a stop of the vehicle, and search and arrest warrants were executed on the person of Robert Stevenson. Stevenson was found to be in possession of cocaine on his person. The driver of the vehicle, Richard Frascone, was also found to be in possession of cocaine and a passenger, Alyson Kershaw, was sitting on a crack pipe. All three were placed under arrest. A search of the vehicle was conducted, and Detectives found fentanyl, crack cocaine, pills, a scale, and money. At the same time, SID Detectives were also executing a search warrant at the residence of Robert Stevenson, located at 30 ½ Washington Ave., Danbury, Ct. Seized at that location were fentanyl, crack, pills, packaging equipment, and money."

Danbury Police Department
Danbury Police Department

It's the second major drug bust in Danbury in a two-week span with the other turning up 4 pounds of fentanyl, 1.6 pounds of opioid pills, drug paraphernalia and $20,000 in cash.

Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito was our guest on the I-95 Morning Show the following day (Friday 3/24/23). We asked the Mayor about the significant drug bust, this is what he had to say:

"The Police Department has been doing those kinds of busts, we had one a week or two ago it was fentanyl, a major league bust that got a lot of fentanyl off the, potentially off the streets. I can't thank them enough, they do an outstanding job. We have certain officers there, I shouldn't say them on the radio because they're pretty much undercover but they're doing an outstanding job, they are keeping the city safe. Danbury is one of the safest cities in Connecticut, it does not happen by accident. It happens with the effort of our Police Department, our Police Chief and those on the front lines."

The Mayor added the city will be hiring of another eight police officers "coming this week." Esposito told us, "in the last month and a half, we've probably hired over thirty new police officers." 

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Listen to our entire Friday (3/24/23) interview with Dean Esposito below. In it, we also discussed the Mayor's new grant task force, the UCONN Huskies recent NCAA run and got his thoughts on Waterbury's Mayor deciding to step aside.

Arrested: 29 year old Robert Stevenson 

  • Poss. of a controlled substance 3 counts
  • Poss. of a controlled substance with intent to sell under 1oz 2 counts
  • Failure to keep narcotic in proper contained 2 counts
  • Poss. of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Violation of a Protective Order

Bond: $150,000


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