During these challenging times, this story shows that you can make a difference.

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In March, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 27-year-old Joe Boyle, who works for Aetna, was sent home to work. He admits that after a while, he was going a bit nuts, not being able to venture out.

Joe began wondering what it must be like for individuals who don't have a home and have to find shelter night after night. Because he had stocked up on large amounts of food according to an article in the Hartford Courant, he decided to cook up 6 pounds of chicken alfredo, 6 pounds of spaghetti Bolognese, 12 pounds of pulled pork, some rolls, and tons of sauce and drove it over to the South Park Inn homeless shelter in Hartford.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Boyle's FB Page
Photo Courtesy of Joe Boyle's FB Page

His buddy, Mike Rubin, who works in the restaurant business, found out what Joe was up to and wanted to help out. Mike, because of his professional chef experience, knew the ins and outs of batch cooking, which is preparing many meals all at the same time. So the guys went to work. This what Mike told the courant.com.

That inspired us to do something else and be as helpful as possible. Shelters are something probabbly being underserved right now, and these people are still in need, if not more so, now.

The guys use their own money to purchase all they food they cook and they offer different kinds of meals each week like burgers and hot dogs, vegetables and lasagna, and Mediterranean style chicken.

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