goes a little something like this.

Yep, she's twerking and screaming to have people to come fight her on a Spirit Airlines flight. This seems relaxing. According to the NY Post the flight was headed from Orlando to Newark. Flight attendants asked the woman, who passengers say was drunk to turn off her phone and things escalated.

I like a free show as much as the next guy. I don't mind a drunk lady putting on a flash fest either but If I'm on a plane it's because I'm headed one of a handful a places:

  • I'm leaving to go on a vacation. In this case I am super excited and can't wait to get there and this kinda thing is going to slow that down by bunches, so I'd be pretty pissed at this clown.
  • I'm leaving vacation and headed back home. Again, I'm in a rush in this scenario. I do not want to waste time getting this depressing trek over with.
  • I'm headed somewhere for business, thus miserable and anxious.
  • I'm headed home from a business trip. Anxious, miserable and extremely impatient.

An airplane is no kinda venue for you to work s--- out. Everyone is relying on everyone else to behave so we can get a move on. Have a cocktail if you want but keep it tight. Play with your phone til they tell you to stop, follow the rules and keep to yourself. This is the only way to get out alive.

P.S. There are way too many people shouting back at her and recording with their phones for my taste. That should not be the almost everyone's instinct in this scenario. At this point I am staring my wife dead in the eye making an astonished "O Face." Not that kind creep. Ya gotta soak the moment in and not become a cast member. You can also take two fingers, make a diesel L shape and stick it on your forehead. Old School. 

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