Marcy Jones of WFSB caught up with a Circus Ring Leader named Steve.

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She was doing a live report from Danbury, CT about the circus being in town. Marcy could not hold back her adoration for Steve’s eyebrows. Jones said: “You have better eyebrows than me, I’m so jealous.” Steve responded by saying: “Well, they make them of the show.”

Boom, TV is amazing. Television in all its forms has never failed me. Where else can you get a reporter bringing a live interview to a screeching halt by calling out someone’s brow-stache?

Shout out to Marcy Jones, it can be impossible to make those transitions. They kick it to you live, out of an up-tempo number, then you are responsible for providing the who, what, when, where, why and the vibe.

“You have better eyebrows than me, I’m so jealous.” That is what we got, and frankly it is the literal best anyone, could have done.

People who don’t interview people on a daily basis, don’t get it. If you’re doing your job right, it’s supposed to look like two friends having a discussion that just happens to reveal all of the world’s relevant information in :29 seconds.

But, is that how people really communicate? No. Go ahead and ask your friend one simple question and 30 minutes later, you’re talking about freshman year and you’ve learned nothing. Now, instead of a friend, it is a stranger, in a literal circus, in a parking lot, in Danbury.

Well done Marcy, I dig your style, your vibes and your professionalism. Shout out to Steve for growing up in the circus, speaking at least two languages and making real-life impressions on people with his follicle choices.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there is an acrobat circus in Danbury called Flip Circus and it's supposed to be amazing. It's only in town until Monday, November 14th so get your tickets now.

Flip Circus was created by the imagination of the Vazquez Family. You cannot miss the enormous red and white tent in the mall parking lot, and you DO NOT want to miss the action inside like jugglers, acrobats, aerialists and the motorcycles inside the Globe of Steel. Flip circus says you'll laugh with their gleeful clowns like you never had before.

P.S. If the talk of "transitions" caught your attention as familiar, there is a reason. I was showing some love to the late, great Casey Kasem.

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