If you are a Halloween lover, this is one of the most difficult and rewarding times of year.

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On Halloween night, you'll have a blast but you'll agonize over what to wear, the rest of the time. Most people take to the internet for inspiration. If you want to be "original" this year, this may not be the list for you because these are the most popular costume searches for 2022.

2022's Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas

If you need a Halloween Costume, you're likely to take a cruise through Pinterest, that is how we make all of our decisions these days about clothing and pop art. So, who better to share Halloween Costume Ideas than the folks at Pinterest? Like all good American companies, they are obsessed with their own analytics. They reviewed their numbers, in an effort to tell YOU, what YOU are searching for. These are the top 5 trending Halloween Costume ideas for 2022

The rest of the Top 10 went like this:

6 - Harley Quinn

7 - Avril Lavigne

8 - Dani Hocus Pocus

9 - Maddie and Cassie - Euphoria

10 - Lord of the Rings

It's the same conversation every year in my house, what are we doing for Halloween? Are we dressing up, or not? My wife cuts to the chase because we've had some epic "disagreements" over Halloween.

I DO NOT like dressing up for Halloween. Each year, a few months before Halloween my wife Erica will propose a couple's-costume idea, and I'll say "sure." When Halloween approaches, I back out of the idea and she's left scrambling for a solo-costume. I just need to be clearer about my boundaries and say, I'm never dressing for Halloween. But it's my fault because I keep agreeing and then backing out, that is not nice.

Danbury Area Folks Share Their Terrifying + Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

We asked the Ethan and Lou Radio Show listeners (I-95) to send us a photo of their favorite Halloween costume of all-time and they sent the following submissions using the I-95 Rock Mobile App, which happens to be free to download at Google Play or the App Store. 

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