This is a tough one for me, where to begin?

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When you're crafting a story about someone who admits to robbing a bank without stepping inside and uses the words 'finders keepers' it's tough to decide where to place most of your creative energy.

According to a Saturday, August 26th Facebook post from the Trumbull PD, that is exactly what happened. Trumbull authorities say 56 year old Robert Withington turned himself into police on Friday (8/25/23) and admitted to stealing $5,000 from outside a Trumbull bank.

Withington told cops he saw a bag a sitting outside the unnamed Trumbull bank, he admits he picked it up and walked away. Multiple reports say the bank's insignia was visible on the bag and inside was $5,000 in cash and deposit documents that showed the money was intended to pay town taxes.

NBC Connecticut says an employee from Trumbull's Tax Collectors office accidentally dropped the bag there. The Trumbull Police Department claims Withington said it was 'finders keepers' and he had no obligation to return the money.

This was not an open-and-shut overnight case. The Trumbull PD press statement says the bag was lost on Tuesday May 30th and the police department ended up launching a "lengthy investigation" into the matter. Withington has been charged with larceny and released on a promise to appear in court on September 5th.

Don't bother calling the Robert Withington a dummy because you know what he'll say, "I'm rubber, you're glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you."

We spoke about this on the Tuesday (8/29/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show. You can listen below to hear why I stand with Robert.

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Isn't it funny how when the government, banks, and major corporations lose or have money stolen from them, they always get it back but when you and I do, it's a long shot we ever see it again. Even when the government, banks and companies lose the money through an obvious mistake they made, they get it back. When you do everyone is "sorry to hear it" but you don't get made whole.

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